New Blog for Squeakerchimps

Exciting times are afoot. At the start of May 2014 Squeakerchimp opened its ebay shop and we how have our own blog too. This site will evolve as we evolve too. Blogging is something that is a bit new to use but we will get there.

We hope to share with you interesting information about vintage and retro things that we find along the way. Things that we had to go looking for and therefore you might be interested in to. Such as –

  • What is the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau?
  • Exactly what is Retro, Vintage and Antique
  • What new stuff if Squeakerchimp listing on eBay? (Who wouldn’t want to know!)
  • What items we buy that we just can’t bare to part with.
  • Much much more

For now, that’s all.


Zoe, Min and Dobby




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