The World According to Squeakerchimp

So who is Squeakerchimp and where on earth did that name come from? Well that’s simple. Squeakerchimp was a pet name we had for our daughter when she was a little baby. Always clinging on to you and making little squeaky noises, the name stuck. When we started selling on eBay over 10 year ago ( ) the name sort of stuck. We have now opened a store on etsy too to showcase all our retro and vintage inspired handmade items. ( )


Me (Zoe) with the original and only Squeakerchimp (also known as Min)

We love everything vintage and retro, our house is like a weird throw back to various different decades. From 1940s furniture and linen, to 1950s ceramic and glass, from 1960s aprons to 1970s curtains. We are like magpies for it. But when we are not hunting for good things from days long ago, we are crafting. Zoe can turn her hand to most things but she especially loves crochet and embroidery. So when she can combine both of these to produce something with a retro vintage style or theme – well, it better than chocolate!


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