Do you remember Pin Art from the 1970s?

You know we love our retro stuff at Squeakerchimp and today we have had great fun recreating the wonderful craft of pin art but on blank cards to go in our etsy shop.



Yellow 1970s inspired pin art


Owl Pin Art Blank Card

















New Bunting Cards in our Etsy Store

Squeakerchimp has been busy inventing again and are pleased to now be able to reveal the newest items to join the our shop on etsy. Here we go!

photo 2  Click on the links to go directly to the item in our etsy store –


Click on the links to go directly to the item in our etsy store –

ic card1

Click on the links to go directly to the item in our etsy store –

Each card is hand made from wonderful brown craft paper style card stock for a natural feel. The bunting is made from paper and the tops of each row has been hand embroidered using DMC silks in complimentary colours. Each card is blank, so they can be used for any occasion be it birthdays, thanks you, get wells, good lucks or congratulations. They come with matching envelopes to complete the look.




Poodle Toilet Roll Covers are Back!

Oh yes, a true throw back to the 50s and 60s toilets of our youth. No toilet was complete without one of these toilet accessories. Why have a plain old toilet roll on display when it was be disguised with this cheeky chap. He is hand crochet in worsted weight yarn from a pattern based on those originally make in the 1950s and 1960s era. He is very strong and done with a close stitch (like amigurumi) to make a nice frim body, no nasty toilet paper showing through!

Here is a link to this chap on etsy –

 IMG_8099 IMG_8102

I love crochet and I love retro so this was the obvious choice to design and make. We have several in our house and they always bring a smile to your face when you visit the little room.

Like the idea but not this design? Click on this link to view our Over the Rainbow Cover –

We have all sorts of wonderful items in our new etsy store – come and visit us

Ballerina Felt Mouse Pattern comes to Etsy

That right! Our gorgeous felt mouse pattern is now available from our etsy store for instant download. Printable sewing at your finger tips. No waiting for the post to arrive.

 Here is a link to the pattern you can download instantly on etsy –

monisha4 Monisha the Felt Ballerina Mouse

The little mouse is made our of felt material all hand sewn together with lace and ribbon details. A great weekend sewing craft. You can buy felt in so many places these days and you can customise her to your own specifications.

We have all sorts of wonderful items in our new etsy store – come and visit us










What does Mercerised Cotton Mean?


We love out crafts at Squeakerchimp but have always wondered what ‘Mercerised’ means. Going up on Thursday are 10 balls of the stuff so it was time to find out. Here is what we now know –

Mercerization is a treatment for cotton fabric and thread that gives fabric or yarns a lustrous appearance and strengthens them. The process is applied to cellulosic materials like cotton or hemp.

So now you know too!

New Blog for Squeakerchimps

Exciting times are afoot. At the start of May 2014 Squeakerchimp opened its ebay shop and we how have our own blog too. This site will evolve as we evolve too. Blogging is something that is a bit new to use but we will get there.

We hope to share with you interesting information about vintage and retro things that we find along the way. Things that we had to go looking for and therefore you might be interested in to. Such as –

  • What is the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau?
  • Exactly what is Retro, Vintage and Antique
  • What new stuff if Squeakerchimp listing on eBay? (Who wouldn’t want to know!)
  • What items we buy that we just can’t bare to part with.
  • Much much more

For now, that’s all.


Zoe, Min and Dobby