Hand dyed space dyed embroidery silk

Well there I was dying some fabric when inspiration came and slapped me around the chops. Why not dye some embroidery thread!?!

So I space dyed some pale lemon thread and this is what I got. Can’t wait to stitch with it. Now I think I might be a little obsessed with it. Might need to buy some more to dye.

Do you remember Pin Art from the 1970s?

You know we love our retro stuff at Squeakerchimp and today we have had great fun recreating the wonderful craft of pin art but on blank cards to go in our etsy shop.



Yellow 1970s inspired pin art


Owl Pin Art Blank Card

















What does Mercerised Cotton Mean?


We love out crafts at Squeakerchimp but have always wondered what ‘Mercerised’ means. Going up on Thursday are 10 balls of the stuff so it was time to find out. Here is what we now know –

Mercerization is a treatment for cotton fabric and thread that gives fabric or yarns a lustrous appearance and strengthens them. The process is applied to cellulosic materials like cotton or hemp.

So now you know too!