Edita Sitar wall hanging from her Craftsy Course

I love Craftsy and I love learning new skills and techniques. This week I enrolled on a course on Craftsy by Edita Sitar called Garden of Quilted Possibilities. Wow! I could listen to her talking for hours, such a lovely voice and accent.

My parents are moving house soon so I decided to make a wall hanger/table runner with the word ‘home’ on using the templates and instructions from Edita’s tutorial. I chose floral chintzy fabrics as my mum will like that sort of thing (sorry Dad! You get what your given!).

So easy to follow and construct. The hardest part was setting my machine up for free motion quilting. I hate adjusting tensions! Then I feel so much pressure to get it right and neat plus making sure the back doesn’t get all puckered. I realised after about 5 minutes of quilting that I was so tense I kept forgetting to breath.

Well here it is all finished. I left the lettered unquilted as I thought they popped out more.

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in appliqué and quilting.




New toilet roll cover design

Well today was one of those days when inspiration came again and slapped me around the chops. So far I have a poodle, a rainbow, a pig and a snowman toilet roll cover in my collection. But today I decided that what was needed was a dog! I little chocolate coloured doggy. Here is a quick sneak preview of the face! Oh and I also finished another new feign today – a pretty pink fairy toadstool cover.


More on the new pair tomorrow!

Space dyed cotton for quilting

The dyes came out about a week ago and I thought I would share with you the products of my labour.


The fabric was all originally white ,except the patterned stuff, and I space dyed it using all sorts of combinations of dyes. And I forgot to wear gloves so my hands were a lovely shade of turquoise too.

Now to turn it into a patchwork quilt!

NEW 1950s Dresses on Blank Cards in our Etsy Store

IMG_2138 (2) IMG_2148 IMG_2143

Well, today has been an exciting day. We have launched a new collection of cards in our Etsy Store.

The 1950s was such a great time for ladies clothing, especially the dresses and today we have had fun creating three of them. Not the kind you can wear but these ones are on blank cards. The perfect card for your retro friends and for any occasion.

Click on the images above to go directly to the etsy pages.

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